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  • Sending css formatted tables in Outlook

    If you’ve ever used Powershell to send HTML tables in Outlook containing CSS you’ve probably been disappointed of the outcome. There is some archived documentation for Outlook 2007 that is still viable for Outlook 365 ( Basically the function accepts a csv and css file, hardcodes the css into the table and outputs a formatted […]

  • Project: 3D Printer from scratch. Part 5 – Trial and error. And finally success!

    With all the mechanical parts assembled all that is left is firmware calibration – or so we thought. With all basic calibration done we noticed on prints that the X and Y axises were shifting. as shown below. Looking around and asking on communities this seems often to be due to when the stepper motors […]

  • Project: 3D Printer from scratch. Part 4 – Assembly

    With all the parts delivered it was time to assemble. I’m not going to go through the whole build process. But it consisted of loads of screwing around (pun intended) and It’s not the prettiest build but i honestly don’t care about looks. It’s function I’m after. To make a long story short here are […]

  • Project: 3D Printer from scratch. Part 3 – Electronics, issues and blowing fuses

    The last parts were delivered from ebay on the 3rd of march. This took a bit longer than usual as I managed to order during the chinese new year. With all the parts at hand i decided to start building, while the paint on the frame dries I started working on the electronics. I converted […]

  • Project: 3D printer from scratch. Part 2 – Printed parts delivery

    Update! I got a box yesterday with some mysterious contents. Opening it revealed the table of contents, delivery took exactly one week. I’m very pleased, this is the exact ebay item i bought Since images can tell the story better than I can this post will be mostly  pictures. All included parts scattered on the […]

  • Project: 3D printer from scratch. Part 1 – The Shoppingcart.

    I’ve always wanted a 3D printer, but the pricetag has been so high that I’ve gotten discouraged in the past. However with the increasing community support of open sourced 3D printers the accessibility and price has dropped significantly if you’re willing to do some manual work. As this is not an easy task to build […]